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Join Killick Sailing with our Unlimited Membership and you’lll feel all the benefits of joining the club and finally understand what all of the talk was about. This membership gives you exclusive access to events, classes, and so much more that happens every day at Killick Sailing.

You do not need to have any previous sailing experience. Competent sailors in the club can take you out until you master the necessary skills. More experienced sailors are also welcome to join the club. We thrive on buddy coaching and helping people acquire the required skills often enabling our members to miss the expense of the entry level dinghy and yachting qualifications simply through membership, time on the boats and coaching. If you have the necessary competence you can go sailing whenever the weather and tides permit. Our regular sailing programme includes dinghy racing and recreational sailing on the weekends alongside whole weekend trips in the yacht, typically to the Isle of Wight. In addition, our experienced sailors are looking to organise trips further afield which everyone will be welcome to join in with.

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