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Mailing list

We have a mailing list that we use to communicate with each other (open to members and non members). We use this mailing list to organize the sailing event, meetings, social events etc.

If you wish to be on it, please subscribe to it below. You will be sent an activation email containing details about further actions to take in order to complete the subscription.

You can unsubscribe whenever you want by asking the club secretary to remove you.

Once you are on the list you will receive all our communications and you will also be able to write to all the other people on the list. Remember that you have to write your email from the same address you gave for the registration on the list; otherwise your message will not be able to reach the other members and will bounce back to the owner of the list only.

Please remember that some people dislike sorting through large numbers of trivial emails in their inboxes so please use the mailing list with common sense: for example if you receive an email asking if anybody is interested in joining a particular sailing event and you are, please reply to the sender only and not to the all list. The organiser (the sender) will then take care to update the club with the final plan.

Signing up to the mailing list – for members, ex-members and prospective members – means that you have opted in to our GDPR policy.

Under no circumstances will your email address be sold or passed on to any third parties. Options on what emails you receive and when can be changed with your login to Google Group. You can choose to leave at any time either through Google Groups or contacting us.

Our GDPR policy documents are available upon request.


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