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Rules and conditions

  1. The club will be run in accordance with the clubs constitution (a copy of which can be requested via the club email).

  2. Membership forms will be signed by members to acknowledge and comply with the insurance arrangements and the Rules and Conditions.

  3. Membership of the club will continue for a period of 1 calendar year from the date which the member joins (unless membership is otherwise terminated).

  4. All members are expected to help with maintenance work for both Killick Sailing Ltd and Southampton Sailing Club, with whom Killick Sailing Ltd is affiliated, as required. The Bosun(s) will be responsible for arranging work parties as required.

  5. To avoid mistakes and confusion over the purchase of boat equipment for the club, please read the separate document Equipment Purchasing Rules , which also constitutes a part of the rules and conditions.

  6. An AGM will be held once a year for: the election of officers to the Committee; a review of the year’s sailing; plans for the next season; and winter programming. These AGMs will normally be held late in the year when the sailing season is over.

  7. Membership fees may be increased at an AGM by recommendation of the Committee.

  8. Any member who takes out any craft, having satisfied all the conditions, will be responsible for the other members of his/her crew and for the safe return of the craft in good order.  All damage incurred must be revealed to the Committee who may or may not, at their discretion, charge that member for the cost of repair.

  9. Killick and the club dinghies must not be misused or neglected in such a way as to put their continued use in peril.  Any member who is found responsible for any such actions could, at the discretion of the Committee, be immediately banned from the club and also asked to pay for any damage incurred.

  10. All members and guests of the club will wear life jackets or buoyancy aids when sailing dinghies or when using the tender to and from Killick. Members are recommended to purchase their own fitted life jackets or buoyancy aids for their own use. Crew will wear lifejackets on board Killick at the discretion of the skipper.

  11. No member of the club will be permitted to skipper the cruiser “Killick” without first either:
    being RYA qualified Day Skipper, theory and practical.
    passing an approval session with the Killick Bosun or other qualified committee member.

  12. Dinghy sailors must not venture out in winds of over Force 4.  This not only breaches the club’s insurance rules but is a dangerous and potentially life threatening action.  It not only puts the crew in danger but may endanger others who have a legal obligation to assist the dinghy crew in times of peril.

  13. Dinghy sailors who wish to sail on an individual basis should take into consideration pre-arranged sailing sessions, which may require the full use of all the boats.

  14. No instructional courses as such can be run by the club.  The Department of Sport and Recreation runs a variety of RYA approved courses from levels 1 to 3. Any RYA qualifications are the responsibility of the individual and the club recommends that all members attend, particularly beginners.  Members will be made aware of any relevant courses currently available.

  15. Guests (i.e. people whose presence is an exceptional event) and prospective members may accompany Members on sailings on payment of a Guest fee, as set by the Committee. The club Member must take full responsibility for the craft and the safety of it’s crew (especially the Guest, who may be unfamiliar with the craft) as set out in the other Rules and Conditions.

  16. All members are required by the club to read and agree to the Rules and Conditions of the club.

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